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Published on January 4th, 2011


Blog: 7 PR & media predictions for 2011

We thought it would be fun to have a bash at predicting come developments in the PR and media environment for 2011 – here’s the Top 7 in Boom!’s crystal ball;

1. Magazines
Men’s magazine market will continue to decline with at least two weekly/ monthly down market print titles folding. James Brown’s ‘Sabotage Times’ will continue to grow along with other truly interactive titles such as Virgin Digital Publishing’s ‘Project’. The i-Pad will come into it’s own as a magazine platform, sounding the death knell for the least innovative titles in the marketplace.

2. Newspapers
The national newspaper brands will continue to be as influential as ever for consumers. Clients will place an even higher emphasis on gaining editorial coverage. The predictions by some that ‘Old PR will die out’ will be proved wrong.

3. TV
Channel 5 will prove to be resurgent as a truly celebrity-format focused channel Richard Desmond leverages his OK! brand

4. Client budgets
We expect client budgets to remain at a similar level to 2010 or be marginally reduced whilst marcoms teams assess the fragile state of the economy. The VAT hike, redundancies as a result of the government’s austerity measures and further EU member bail-outs will all play a part in impacting on consumer confidence in 2011.

Regardless of budget cuts, more and more client briefs will focus on social media as a key component of campaigns and will demand agencies to deliver this as ‘added value’ alongside traditional media activity. Agencies who have enjoyed the larger public sector budgets will scramble to compete for these briefs and client procurement teams will negotiate some incredible deals whilst agency bosses battle to stave off redundancies.

Larger agency networks will continue to downsize and this will lead to more start-up agencies and a glut of freelancers in the marketplace. The more creative small to medium sized agencies will benefit from this as more experienced talent becomes available.

5. Agencies
More and more agencies will look to invest in multi media facilities as innovative content creation becomes more vital for campaign cut-through.

6. Social media
Major consumer brands will take Foursquare mainstream with heavily promoted promotions. Younger Facebook users will continue to search for a cooler, parent-free alternative.

7. Sporting celebrities
Previously unheard of British athletes from sports previously considered niche will become celebrities as a result of integrated campaigns by Olympic sponsors and sporting brands in the run up to 2012.

Agree or disagree? We’ll do a round up and see how we got in in December…

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