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Published on May 5th, 2017


Buccaneer Media & Baltasar Kormákur’s RVK Studios team up to create ‘The Reykjavik Confessions’

Boom! PR client Buccaneer Media, producer of hit drama ‘Marcella’ today announces it has signed an agreement with internationally-renowned TV and film director Baltasar Kormákur and his production company RVK Studios (‘Trapped’, ‘Everest’) to create an English language dramatisation of one of Iceland’s most mysterious murder investigations.

John Brownlow, whose credits include ‘The Miniaturist’ for BBC One, ‘Fleming’ for Sky Atlantic and feature film ‘Sylvia’ is attached as writer for ‘The Reykjavik Confessions’.

‘The Reykjavik Confessions’ is based on the controversial 1974 case where two men vanished in the barren outskirts of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, ten months apart. Their disappearances triggered a national double murder investigation, their bodies never found.

After 6 months unsuccessfully trying to pin the murders on six young suspects, Icelandic police flew in so-called “super cop” Karl Schutz to tie up the case. Schutz was renowned within international police circles for ‘cracking’ the infamous West German terrorist cell the Baader Meinhof gang.

The investigation was set against the turbulent backdrop of a tiny island nation, split by generational divides and awash with bootleg alcohol. Iceland was thrust into the international spotlight as a strategically-crucial Cold War outpost as the USA and USSR struggled for influence. This battle for ideological and intellectual supremacy of the superpowers was perfectly encapsulated in the heated Bobby Fischer vs. Boris Spassky chess match dubbed the ‘Match of the Century’ that was staged in Reykjavik and watched by a global TV audience of millions.

Meanwhile, the ‘gunboat diplomacy’ of the Cod Wars with the UK played out as the Royal Navy and Icelandic Coastguard frequently clashed in the freezing waters round the island.
Executive Producers are Tony Wood (‘Marcella’) and Nicola Larder (‘Marcella’, ‘Mr Eleven’) for Buccaneer Media, Baltasar Kormákur (‘Everest’, ‘Trapped’, ‘101 Reykjavik’) and Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson for RVK Studios and award winning investigative journalist and BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service presenter Simon Cox who has been studying the case for several years and is also consultant on the production.

Tony Wood, CEO of Buccaneer Media said “‘The Reykjavik Confessions’ is set against a backdrop of generational divides and turbulent times. It’s wonderful to be collaborating with Baltasar and John to bring this astonishing true crime story to an international audience”.

Baltasar Kormakur of RVK Studios said “This true story has been an integral part of Icelandic life for over 40 years. After they had been set free from jail I got to know some of those convicted and hear their side of the story. They still protest their innocence and I feel it’s our duty to bring this complicated murder mystery to life.”

Buccaneer Media is the production company behind ITV and Netflix hit drama ‘Marcella’ and is currently working with some of the world’s leading writing talent including Irvine Welsh, Rose Tremain, Hans Rosenfeldt and Deborah Moggach.

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