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Published on January 12th, 2012


Miller Genuine Draft – The Mill

Justin Crosby played a key role in developing a new music experience called The Mill for Miller Genuine Draft, whose brief was to drive their core audience to reappraise and re-engage with the brand in Scotland.

Created to provide a genuinely different platform for emerging music talent, The Mill provides audiences and artists alike with a memorable night of live music in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, where Miller Genuine Draft is a leading lager brand.

The Mill has been developed to enable both audiences and emerging artists to benefit from the rapidly changing landscape of the music industry. The manifesto is simple: support those bands that are pushing the boundaries, both in their music and their approach, creating a platform where they can play to their maximum potential. It’s about removing the barriers between artist and audience – and enhancing that interaction both in an electrifying live environment and unique online experience. The Mill brings these audiences and bands together in a direct and uncomplicated way that is real, honest and genuinely different.

The live performances are laid down as live tracks, captured on film and photographed. By making this material available on-line for free download at www.themill-live.com artists are able to take their audio visual content to a wider audience, directly growing their fan base. Artists will be given the tools to build on this, as they are given dedicated live recordings for their own promotional use.

Over 80,000 live tracks recorded at the shows have been distributed by Bluetooth technology through some of Glasgow and Edinburgh’s best bars, a Bluetooth enabled vehicle and themill-live.com.

Working closely with marketing agency Arc, Justin helped develop The Mill’s creative panel – collaborating with local music industry experts including lawyers, radio DJ’s, magazine editors, managers, consultants and others to realise the benefits and opportunities that Miller Genuine Draft could bring to artists and live music audiences in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Justin has developed the PR strategy for The Mill, working hand in hand with local agency partners Genuine PR.

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