Client news · 16 November, 2016

Pernel Media agrees doc project with 20-year death row prisoner

Boom! PR client Pernel Media announces an exclusive access agreement to produce a documentary series featuring the live case of a prisoner currently awaiting execution in California.

’20 Years on Death Row’, produced by Boom! client Pernel Media, features the incredible case of Keith Doolin, a former long distance truck driver with no previous criminal convictions, currently incarcerated on death row in San Quentin prison around 20 miles north of San Francisco. He was convicted of the murder of two women in 1995 and after 20 years maintaining his innocence whilst awaiting execution he is still in limbo, going through California’s capital appeals system.

Keith Doolin’s case is now a race against time. On November 8th, voters in California elected to speed up the death penalty process whilst Doolin’s defence lawyers claim they have uncovered credible new key evidence that will exonerate Doolin and could save his life and free him in months.

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Doolin’s conviction followed a bizarre series of twists including a botched trial as his original attorney – who was later disbarred and has now passed away – led a deeply flawed defence of Doolin whilst gambling away his defence fund in Las Vegas casinos. The case is also remarkable for a witness – who has since committed suicide – revealing crucial information to another lawyer that further points to Doolin’s innocence.

‘20 Years on Death Row’ is the latest US-based ‘true crime’ documentary series from Pernel Media. It follows the commission by French pay-TV channel 13eme Rue of 4 x 60’ series ‘The Innocence Network’, distributed internationally by All3Media International.

Pernel Media secured access to the case via Doolin’s defense attorney Robert R. Bryan, a specialist in human-rights litigation with an emphasis on defending people facing the death penalty.

“The case of Keith Doolin is a story like no other, pointing to a major miscarriage of justice where the stakes for him could not be higher. The new evidence that has come to light could change everything. Keith’s appeal process and detailed investigation of the case will make a gripping documentary series” 

— Samuel Kissous, President of Pernel Media.