Case Study

Lara Croft relaunch




Lara Croft relaunch


Following a number of disappointing video game releases and a critically panned movie, the Lara Croft franchise was becoming tired and in danger of becoming devalued

Eidos needed their next game to become a hit and relied on PR to reinvigorate the brand in a ‘make or break’ campaign for the Tomb Raider franchise


  • Create significant coverage across media sectors at launch. Position Tomb Raider: Legend as a ‘must have’ game. Create #1 hit at launch
  • Re-establish brand’s credibility with consumers and media


Relaunch Lara Croft character through 3 stage campaign;

1. Cosmetics brand style model reveal

2. Features – from shop assistant to cyber heroine

3. Guinness World Record ‘most successful computer games heroine


  • 2 x double page spreads in The Sun
  • 2 x  pages in Daily Star Sunday
  • 6 page feature in FHM
  • 5 x pages in Zoo and a page in Nuts
  • Front page Evening Standard Lite,

Full page news articles in Metro & Evening Standard and all key regional newspapers. Broadcast media featured coverage on BBC News 24, BBC 5 Live Mayo, Holly & Stephen Show ITV1, ITV1 3 x MTV & VH1 shows



  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider; Legend reached Number 1 on release in the UK. The game was both the fastest and one of the biggest selling video games of the year.