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Syndicado is a film and television digital distribution company headquartered in Toronto with a presence in the US, UK and Europe. The company’s focus is on global digital distribution to major Internet and cable VOD major outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, Google, Vudu, Shudder and cable VOD in the US and Canada.

Experienced digital media executive Greg Rubidge founded Syndicado in 2009. Since then the company has built a varied catalogue of over 3000 hours of theatrically released film and broadcast TV series, with a focus on documentaries and now distributes content to major VOD outlets in territories around the world.

In 2014 the company started releasing films theatrically in the USA and Canada, and in 2017 spun off a new documentary film sales agency, Syndicado Film Sales LLC with a presence in the US, Canada and Europe. Syndicado Films Sales acquisition ‘The Taste of Cement’ has been shortlisted for the European Film Awards.


  • Raise Syndicado corporate profile with soon-to-launch, new and existing VOD outlets in the US and internationally
  • Position Syndicado’s executives as a thought leaders in the new and rapidly developing field of digital distribution


  • Communicate Syndicado’s Heritage, Thought Leadership & Growth messaging to an international content industry audience as a means of differentiation in the marketplace
  • Position Greg Rubidge/ head of UK office as experts in the next generation content industry, building their industry profiles to create feature/ opinion pieces
  • Focus on key micro/macro industry issues and ramifications for content producers e.g. Brexit, new global free trade agreements, Canadian industry regulations, new platform s launching, new content genres for streamers, business models for streamers e.g. pay per click deals etc
Coverage across industry media

Coverage across industry media


  • Surpassed news and feature targets, with widespread media coverage and feature articles in global trade media
  • Secured a panel appearance for CEO Greg Rubidge at the 2018 Realscreen Summit

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