Client news · 19 February, 2016

Channel 4 commissions Arnold Schwarzenegger stunt special

Channel 4 has commissioned a two-hour special featuring Hollywood legend and action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger from Zig Zag Productions.

In the two-hour special ‘Arnie’s 50 Greatest Ever Stunts’, Arnold Schwarzenegger will take viewers through the stunts that have wowed audiences with their feats of strength, endurance, bravery and sometimes just dumb luck.

In addition to commentary from fans, comedians, stunt coordinators and daredevils, this celebration of skill and courage will take a behind-the-scenes look at how these jaw-dropping stunts came together with Schwarzenegger offering insight into what it takes to be a real life action hero.

The special will feature some of the most famous, well-orchestrated, expert driven stunts ever; from Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits in between two speeding lorries to the big budget jaw-droppers harnessing the most cutting edge technology, such as Felix Baumgartner’s legendary supersonic free fall from 128,000 from the earth’s stratosphere.

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Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment Ian Dunkley and Head of Factual Entertainment, Liam Humphreys commissioned the show for Channel 4. Andy Scott & Danny Fenton are Executive Producers for Zig Zag Productions.

Zig Zag Productions retains the rights for ‘Arnie’s 50 Greatest Ever Stunts’ for the US and Australia.

Arnie’s 50 Greatest Ever Stunts’ is the latest in a succession of new commissions for Zig Zag Productions which include business show  ‘Opportunity Africa’ for Bloomberg Television, ‘Money Can Buy You Love’ for RTÉ2 and music-based quiz show ‘Blink’, also for Channel 4.

“‘Arnie’s 50 Greatest Ever Stunts’ continues Zig Zag’s traditions of producing stand out list shows and who better to front a stunt special than the greatest ever Hollywood action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger?” 

— Danny Fenton, CEO of Zig Zag Productions.