Client news · 30 May, 2018

Pernel Media to produce ‘Monumental Revelations’

Boom! PR client Pernel Media today announces that French DTT channel RMC Découverte has ordered a ground-breaking series that takes a unique approach in delving into engineering mysteries behind some of the world’s largest and most famous ancient structures.

‘Monumental Revelations’ (4 x 60’) will reveal the secrets behind the Great Wall of China, Jordan’s archaeological gem Petra, the Incan citadel of Macchu Pichu and the French island commune of Le Mont Saint-Michel. These ancient marvels are amongst the most studied and scrutinized monuments in the world and yet after centuries of archeological research they still remain shrouded in mystery.

Each episode explores the history and secrets of the landmarks by observing them from different perspectives of scale – from satellite imagery from space and aerial views right down to macro and microscopic levels. From each perspective, ‘Monumental Revelations’ will reveal data that helps shed new light on invisible historical and construction enigmas that have baffled historians for years.